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another year dead
i am both closer and further
from my own happiness
we trully live in a world
in perfect balance
in perfect harmony
the circle of life
goes beyond
into spirt
into space
those who trully
understand the undertones of reality
go on to do great things
within themselves
i yearn to be one such person
ignorace is no bliss
nor is it an exuse
if we all strive to understand
and fight to be at peace within ourselves
that is when there will peace among men

A Dilemma

I went to the mirror
saw you standing there
your heart on your sleeve
a tear down your cheek
and how do i say
the games we want to play
come back to me
sit here in the dark
as we look at eachother
we see who we want to be
but am i just wrong
do we really feel the same
i just dont know
these eats me up inside
your head on my shoulder
my arm around you
i can sit there forever
but you’d rather be