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I point this gun against the side of my head
and blow my brain apart against your wall
i slump down into your arms
at least i hope thats where i land
i never learn my lesson
even though i re-read the pages
i search for a foundation
an alternate explaination
i aim to eclipse your mind
a magician that ignites imagination and inspiration
a night invested
friendship questioned
this is what i want
but i guess ill have to wait


what will you find
when it comes to be your time
and the sands are washed over
with their frame of mind

it just seems so easy
to slip in the crowd

dont be a pawn
let ambition rise
without chains or regret
no sorrow forsaken

help me im drowning
the warnings not heeded

i never could save you
the choice is not given
but taken by courage

but how will i know

i’ll be there to guide you


another year dead
i am both closer and further
from my own happiness
we trully live in a world
in perfect balance
in perfect harmony
the circle of life
goes beyond
into spirt
into space
those who trully
understand the undertones of reality
go on to do great things
within themselves
i yearn to be one such person
ignorace is no bliss
nor is it an exuse
if we all strive to understand
and fight to be at peace within ourselves
that is when there will peace among men